Creator of two systems and four styles of yoga
Certified Examiner of Indian Yoga Academy
Inspector of standards for schools and yoga centers in the "Fundation of Ancient Culture and Education"
Guest lecturer at several international universities and yoga institutes
Yoga Therapist Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO)
Author of several books on advanced yoga techniques
Personal Teacher of the famous yoga masters
Indian National Yoga Champion from 1997 to 2006
Founder and Director of ABS Yoga International
Sunil Dahiya has several prestigious awards, including Bharat Yoga Samrat (Indian King of Yoga), presented by the Indian Yoga Federation; "Champion of the meetg" ("Champion of Champions") from the government of Pondicherry; and "University Color in Yoga" from the University of Delhi.
Dr. Anna Smirnova is a yoga teacher with a medical background (Sechenov Moscow State Medical University; MPSU - Faculty of Psychology). She worked in such fields as pediatrics, surgery, dentistry, therapy, intensive care, ambulance.
Medical practice brought Anna, on the one hand, experience. And on the other - the understanding that modern medicine can not help everyone. Anna began to look for alternative methods and studied classical, sports and children's massages.
Arriving in yoga, Anna found answers to questions that bothered her professionally and personally. She saw how simple practices heal old, "familiar" diseases and give a new quality of life.
Anna began to practice yoga intensively and was so impressed with the results that within a year she felt the need to share knowledge. Her determination and perseverance along with the professionalism of the teacher made Anna a sought-after teacher.
Now Anna Smirnova successfully conducts individual and group classes on the system of ABS Yoga.