Details about us
Details about us
ABS Yoga (The organization - ABS Yoga International) appeared in 2008 from a thousand-year experience of Himalayan yogis.

It's mission is to teach the most advanced yoga practices which are physically possible by common men, who live in modern world.

These are selected practices suitable for people who are bound to follow modern lifestyle due to family and professional responsibilities.

Additional to enormous health benefits, these practices bring - good mood and a feeling of bliss.

  • The abdomen becomes flat, the skin becomes radiant;
  • Improves concentration, vision, sleep becomes beautiful;
  • Flexibility & strength increases and "cubes" appears;
  • Helps to treat back pain, asthma, neck pain, diabetes, obesity, stress, arthritis, blood pressure (increased or decreased), constipation, depression, stomach diseases, insomnia, infertility, irregular cycle in women, digestive disorders, joint pain, sinusitis, thyroids (hyper / hypo), dizziness.