Every year, 15-October to 13-November, Rishikesh, India

Yoga Teachers Training Course (200 hrs YTTC)
For those, who want to be joyful and live a happy life!

We have trained world's richest people and families of presidents. They did not learn yoga from us to become yoga teacher. They learnt to become happy. They learnt to become more efficient in what they were already doing great.
It is also for those: who either wish to choose one of the rarest profession or Business. Or who wants to devote time to their body, at the same time earning and helping others to gain health, happiness, harmony.

Also for those, who wish to deepen their practice & knowledge to help family members and friends.

The course takes place on a land with spiritual vibrations, a good climate, yogic vegetarian food, herbs and other useful things to create a perfect yoga atmosphere.

Guest Teachers
The best of the best masters
will conduct special courses as part of the ABS Yoga teaching course
  • Bal Mukund Singh (India)
    Advanced Asanas and Sukshma Vyayama
    Guru Bal Mukund Singh has raised several generations of world and national yoga champions. The successor to Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari - the guru of the Indian Prime Minister and popularizer of the Sukshma Vyayama system - and himself a two-time world champion, he has such a depth of knowledge in yoga that the most famous experts learn from him.

    Bal Mukund Singh will conduct a special course for students on yogic Sukshma Vyayama and advanced asanas.
  • Stella Yafandis (Australia / Singapore)
    Yoga as a business How to open a yoga center or a network of centers. Ashtanga yoga in the tradition of Patabhi Jois
    unexpected Solutions Stella is a business coach and Ashtanga yoga teacher from Australia based in Singapore. Stella Yafandis has opened yoga centers all over the world: in Singapore, Bali, New Zealand and Australia. A special yoga business

    course includes: ►Legislative aspects ►Competition and cooperation ►Unexpected problems ►Unexpected solutions ►National and cultural differences affecting business ►Finding and hiring a team ►And more
  • Naveen Sir (India)
    Ayurveda. Modern and yogic physiology
    Naveen is a yoga master from India with an encyclopedic knowledge of many facets of Vedic culture. An expert consulted by Doctors of Science in Yoga and Ayurveda. More than 10 years of work with government organizations; methodologist who writes curricula for schools and universities, critic of dissertations and scientific research. Laureate of international awards in yoga.
    Knowledge of Ayurveda is necessary for yoga teachers, not only because the students will ask you endless health questions. Yoga can be practiced seriously only when you are healthy. In a healthy body healthy mind. Therefore, the founder of yoga, Maharishi Patanjali, taught Ayurveda before starting to teach yoga - this is a mandatory requirement.
What awaits us ?
...except yoga...
Ashram in the Himalayas
plunge into unhurried discipline, simplicity, beauty
Rafting on the sacred Ganga
caves of ancient yogis in the Himalayas and an Indian wedding - adventures await us in our free time from practice!
Indian cuisine is the richest in the world
for full-fledged vegetarian dishes
The ABS yoga curriculum criteria
exceed those set by the International Yoga Alliance - USA and the European Yoga Alliance. Graduates are professionally and psychologically
100% ready to teach.
"Half knowledge is more dangerous than not knowing"
Sunil Dahiya
The course includes:

120 hours of practical training,
80 hours of theory (yoga philosophy and modern science),
84 hours of practice,
180 contact hours,
90 non-contact hours,
80 hours of self-study.
270 hours of training - total.

All classes are required to attend.
Text includes scripturers
1 - Revolutionary : Hatha Yoga Pradipika (author Svātmārāma Yogi, translation and commentary by Dahiya Brothers)
2 - Revolutionary : Gheranda Samhita (author Rishi Gheranda, translation and commentary by Dahiya Brothers)
3 - Revolutionary : Yoga Sutra (author Maharishi Patanjali, translation and commentary by Dahiya Brothers)
4 - Autobiography of Yogi
5 - Light on Yoga (author B. K. S. Iyengar)
6 - Yoga Mala (author Sri K Pattabhi Jois)
7 - Srasthi : Real Anatomy of Yoga (author Dahiya Brothers)
8 - Revolutionary : Guide for breaking rules (author Dhaiya Brothers)
9 - Revolutionary : Teaching Methodology of Yoga Vs Teaching Methodology of Sports & Physiotherapy
(Author Dahiya Brothers)
10 - Revolutionary : Marketing business vs yoga (author Dahiya Brothers)
11 - Yogies of India ( Author ........ , translation & commentary by Dahiya Brothers)
12 - Troubles in Yoga Research (author Dahiya Brothers)
13 - Destruction and protection of Yoga and nations (author Dahiya Brothers)
Includes accommodation, vegetarian meals, study materials, free time excursions and 260 hours of classes.
*$200 - booking price, + 50% - payment by the date below, the rest - before the start of the course.
5 Months left - Super Early Birds
If paid half before 15 May
3 Months left - Early Bird
If paid half between 15 May - 15 July
30 Days left
If paid half between 15 July - 15 September
How to pay ?
There are two options: (1) Paying to Indian Bank , (2) Paying to Russian Bank

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