Dates don't become special because of some significant event. Significant events coincide with special celestial arrangements.
Most people think that Diwali is celebrated because of Lord Ram's homecoming. Not really. Diwali is a very important celestial event which coincides with homecoming of most regarded & most ethical king ever in history. As he was in India and majority of Indian's considered him incarnation of God, it appears it is Hindu festival or Indian festival. But people who study the science understand, "Dates don't become special because of some significant event. Significant events coincide with special celestial arrangements".
Sunil's Joke: Majority of people are 'enlightened with wrong perceptions'
"As till recently Indian laws restricted to teach vedic science and anything related to Hinduism in India (including in Hindu temples), majority of people are enlightened with wrong perceptions" - Sunil Dahiya. It includes perceptions like 'King Lord Rama was great because he was incarnation of God' or 'anyone could learn veda and hinduism. I did not, because I did not want'. Well. . . all this and 'why & how it happened' is matter of another book. Lets come back to Diwali, 'what is it' and 'what it is not'.
All Indian festivals are oriented towards one goal nirvaana - enlightenment; Diwali is no different. Sorrow or suffering here and nirvana afterwards makes no sense. It made no sense to the powers above either. Hence they ordered the celestial architect to design this planet's motions so as to give it's dwellers some occasions very conducive for invigorating the body, rejuvenating the mind, cleanse the aura, expand the prana and connect with the cosmic intelligence.
To save time, here is what to do as quick fix.

Quick Guide : What to do on Diwali

  • Start new spiritual practices
  • Start new business
  • Give formal strong bond to existing good relations
  • Get married
  • Move-in new home / office
  • Start new education
  • Start health improving regime
  • Start mantra chanting or meditation
  • Take important decisions of life, like setting goals and objective of life with time

Festival is based on ancient vedic calender which is known by science oriented people as Lunisolar calendar because it is based on relative planetary positions of Sun, Moon & Earth. And people who pay more attention on nationality / religion / geographic location and culture call it Hindu calender. People for whom reality / governing or politics is more important may denote it with calender named after yogi emperor VIKARAMAADITEYA on same day (as it is same vedic calender with with restarting of century / era / YUGA for easy calculations of recent centuries and events.
It is NOT a hindu festival
Well, in short, Hindus take maximum advantage of it. But energy works equally for everyone. The very specific frequencies of magnetic waves, sound, radiations, light, adaptive energy, the gravitational pull creates occasion on this day when spiritual practices becomes multiple time more effective in comparision of other days. It doesn't matter that if the practitioner and practices are Hindu / Christian / Buddhist / Jain / Bhai . . .
It is NOT celebrated because of homecoming of Lord Rama...
On this day planetary position was always giving special opportunities and will always be giving special opportunities in future too. Even before birth of Lord Rama this days was special. That's why in every YUGA (Satyug, Treta, Dwaper, Kaluga) special incidents happened on this day. Often giant events occurred on this day because of planetary position. Where as, in many other cases wise people selected this day (Day of Diwali) for aghiving big targets as they knew about energy
MARCH, 16 / 2018

Text author: Maria Lannin
Photography: Unspalsh
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